Each type of logo can give your brand a completely different feel. Since a logo is the first thing a customer will see, you want to do it well. Before deciding to choose which logo is suitable for your business, you should first know the types of logos that are suitable for your business.

Types of Logos for Business

1.Monogram/Lettermark Logo

A logo or monogram letter marker is a logo consisting of letters usually in the form of brand initials. They became the initials of well-known businesses with rather long names. Usually, this logo uses the initials of 2 or 3 words that must be remembered as brand identification. So it makes sense to use a monogram or often called a letter mark logo to represent their organization.

Because the focus is on the initials, the font chosen is very important to ensure the logo is legible when printed on a business card. If your business is not well known then you may want to add your full business name below the logo so that people can immediately know your business.


Much like letter marks, wordmarks are font-based logos that focus on business names only. The Google logo is an example of this type of logo. The name itself is catchy and easy to remember so when combined with strong typography, a logo helps create strong brand awareness. Toko Safety uses this kind of logo.

Just like letter marks, font selection is very important. Fonts convey the essence of what your business does. For example, fashion labels tend to use fonts that are elegant and clean but seem luxurious. While legal entities use a traditional atmosphere.

3.Logo Image/Symbol

An image logo is an icon or graphics-based logo. Some of the images that come to mind when there is a symbol logo include the Twitter logo or the Apple logo.

Every company logo has a symbol that is so identical and so well-known that when the symbol stands it is instantly recognizable. The actual image logo is just an image. Therefore, it can be a complicated type of logo is used by a new or unfamiliar company.

One thing to consider is choosing the image. This image will last forever representing your company. You have to think about the broader implications of the chosen image. Especially if your business field is safety such as jualwearpack.

4. Abstract Logo

An abstract logo is a type of logo that has an abstract geometric shape that represents a business. Some famous examples are the Adidas and Pepsi logos. Abstract logos can work very well because they glue your brand together into one image. But instead of being limited to a recognizable image, abstract logos allow you to create something very unique to represent your brand.

The benefit of an abstract logo is that you can convey what a company does symbolically without having to rely on the meaning of a particular image. You can connect meaning and cultivate the emotions that surround your brand.

5. Mascot Logo

Mascot logos are logos that involve pictorial characters. Mascot logos are often colorful, sometimes cartoonish, and most of all fun. A mascot logo is a great way to create a spokesperson for your brand character. Jual sepatu safety uses this mascot logo.

Mascots are simply pictorial characters that represent your company. They can become ambassadors for your business. The famous mascot logo is KFC. Mascot logos are great for companies looking to create a healthy atmosphere by attracting children and families. Think of all those mascots at sporting events. The great dynamics they create by engaging with the audience.

6. Combination Logo

A combination logo is a logo consisting of a combination of text/letters as well as images, abstract logos, and mascot logos. Images and text can be placed side by side, stacked, or integrated to create an image. Some famous combination logos are Burger King and Doritos. Sepatu Safety also uses this kind of logo.

Since the name is linked to the image, a combination logo is a complete choice, with text and an icon or mascot working together to reinforce your brand. With a combination logo, people start associating your name with your pictorial sign or mascot. Later, you may be able to rely on logo symbols and not always have to include your name. Because the combination of symbols and text creates different images at the same time. These logos are usually easier to trademark than image logos.


What Is a Logo?

logo is a graphic mark, emblem, symbol, or stylized name used to identify a company, organization, product, or brand. It may take the form of an abstract or figurative design, or it may present as a stylized version of the company’s name if it has sufficient brand recognition.

What is a modern logo?

Modern logo design is a collection of classic and trending elements, all of which combine together to create a brand mark that feels fresh. Today’s modern design is exemplified by sleek lines, simple lettering, color, and highly defined elements.



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