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Entertainment logo

Entertainment Styled Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment Exclusivt Pictures Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment AA Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment Broadbaret Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment Iconix Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment Night Light Studios Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment Revel Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment Showbies Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment ETown Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment Logo

Entertainment Big Ticket Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment Gold Screen Logo

November 18, 2019

Entertainment logo

Entertainment Peacock Production Logo

November 18, 2019

Why Choose Us?

We give life to your brief and make success happen

When you hire entertainment logo design services from Logo Design, you will receive a prime-quality, professional design that you will resonate with your brand’s personality and will attract more business. Here’s more to what you’ll get

Unlimited Redraws

Our team of expert designers believes in perfection down to the last detail for the clients. We create a logo that is a mix of art, business, science and technology. We strive to provide a logo that you can be proud of, and that’s why we welcome any changes that are required from your end.

Different File Types

We understand that the new logo will take countless forms out in the business world, and that’s why we make sure you have all the file types you need, along with the master file.We will provide you with a ZIP file containing .PSD, .AI, .PDF, .JPG, and .PNG, as well as any file types you request.

100% copyright ownership

The logo we design for your business is your property, and you retain 100% copyright ownership of the logo. After the completion of your logo design, we transfer 100% ownership to you with a certificate of transfer.


The prices you see on our packages mentioned below are the exact prices you pay, no hidden cost included.

Flat Logo

Flat logo designs are created in two dimensions without adding details to its depth. It is like summarizing the creative idea in a limited space. Flat logo designing is a challenge which our designers easily overcome by proving the best designs for your business.

Post Sale Support

Our team is ready to help you with the post designing process. We’ll connect with the printing firm on your behalf or will provide any other design related assistance post-sales.

Hire Our Entertainment Logo Designer

Whether it’s watching favourite shows on Netflix or rocking out at a concert, everyone has their entertainment preferences. Entertainment logos have to capture viewers’ attention in a noisy world. If you’re looking for an astounding entertainment logo design for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Our designing team at Logo Design helps you create a striking, impactful logo that establishes a strong visual image for your business by communicating the spirit of the entertainment industry, whether you’re managing, promoting or hiring talent.

Entertainment logo design

Working in the entertainment industry means treating every viewer/guestwith an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. The enjoyable experience should begin the moment they click on your site with an eye-catching logo design. Our expert designers can help you get a logo design you’ll love. Choose from our spectrum of design services like logo designing, website designing, infographics, business cards designing, brochure or flyer designing, and much more. Our skilled and experienced designers will help you create an individual identity of your business.

What our customers say

Logo Design has created two excellent logos for me. I love the creativity and clean, powerful look of the design. The registration was easy, prices fair and support was exceptional. They even surprised me with a coffee mug with my new logo on it!. They executed above and beyond... which is rare. I will use them for all of my design needs

AlexThe Roastery Cafe

just want to say what a fantastic job the people at Logo Design do. Everything in my order was to spec and the product which in my case was business cards looked perfect. I highly recommend that if you want quality at a highly competitive price then these guys are for you. Well done!

JhonCafe Mix

We should be able to create a website as artists but we gave our ideas to Logo Design and were just amazed at what they came up with.

NancyOld Cafe Roaster

Our Designing Process

Package selection and brief

Select a logo design package suitable to your budget and business needs, and our designers will reach out to you for a design brief.


Once we get an outline of what you want, we begin with developing your logo design concept. Our team of expert designers will work closely with you to ensure your new logo resonates with your business personality.

Timely Delivery

We do our best to provide you with quality and timely service. We will provide you with the complete final files along with the usage guide.


We provide you with post-sales support andassist in branding your logo with our other marketing services.

Our Logo Promise

Satisfaction guaranteed

Right from conceptualizing to delivering the final design, we take care of your requirements, satisfaction and happiness. And that’s why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At Logo Design, we believe that a business logo is the face of the company. So, if you are not satisfied with the initial designs, we will provide completely new designs free of charge.