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Important Things in Logo Design – Logodesign

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When you design a logo, it sounds like a pretty easy thing. You just need to draw a circle, type in the company name and you’re done. But the logo is more than that. A logo is an image that represents the identity of the company you are building. If we ask people what logos they recognize, they will mention iconic business logos like Facebook, Apple, Nike, and so on.

Therefore, several things make a logo so iconic that it can be remembered by so many people. What are the things that affect whether a logo is good or not? Here’s the explanation.

Important Things in Logo Design

1. Pay Attention to Colors and Sizes

Color and size are the most important part of making a logo because the color will give meaning. In making a logo, it is very important to use a dominant color and only use three color combinations to keep it looking professional. In addition to color, size also affects whether or not a company logo is good, that is, make sure that this logo can be enlarged or reduced at various sizes without losing the company’s identity.

2. Logo Keeps Simple

Simplicity is also an element that determines the success of a logo. Logos don’t need to be designed too complexly to convey multiple meanings. Many people prefer designs that remain simple but have deep meaning. Like the FedEx logo which is a shipping company where between the letters E and X there is an arrow shape that symbolizes Fedx’s goals for the future. Segar Group Indonesia, distributor buah segar, using simple logo for their business.

3. Active Impressed Logo

Whether or not a logo is active can give a more real impression if it is given movement. An example is Twitter. The old Twitter logo doesn’t give the impression that it’s a real bird but the new Twitter logo gives the impression that it’s a real bird. If the company logo looks passive then it will not provide interaction to users or customers in seeing the company’s identity.

4. Use VDE

Visual Double Entendre (VDE) is a technique that combines two images into one beautiful form. For example, using the image of a bird to show freedom and the image of a lion to illustrate the strength. If you want to implement VDE techniques, then you should open your mind wider and dig into them. Therefore, logo design with this technique takes quite a long time but the results will be very satisfying.

5. Memorability

The quality of a logo design that is easy to remember is commonly known as memorability, where customers can immediately remember the logo with just one look so that they will pass it on to friends, family, and relatives. A simple logo will usually be easier to remember by many people. For example, the Apple logo is depicted as an apple that has been bitten. This difference makes the Apple logo stronger for people to remember.

6. Typography Customization

Creating an iconic logo design does not always have to use living things or objects. You can generate a logo using customized fonts. For example, using a word that has been abbreviated from the previous long word. Distributor buah import should use typhography to show freshness.

7. Unique

Another thing that determines whether a logo becomes iconic or not is its uniqueness. This means that the logo is completely different from the others so that there is no similarity in any way or similar. If the logo has the same or similarity, then it is possible to get a lawsuit from the company that first used the logo based on violating copyright. Therefore, make sure that the logo design must be unique.

8. Logo Type

A business logo doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be as simple as possible. This means that a simple logo should be easy to remember and legible. At least, seven types of logos are commonly used by various brands. The types of logos include pictorial marks, abstracts, mascots, combinations, symbols, wordmarks, and letter marks.

Choose one type of logo from the seven types available and return to the simple logo formulation. You can use the services of a professional logo designer to help create a logo that fits the mission and philosophy of the brand you are building.

9. Contains Messages About Brand

Your business must be able to voice the message to the public. A logo is one of the means to voice the company’s vision and mission. If you build a company that focuses on providing music streaming, then the company logo must have a different personality than the non-music service provider company.

In essence, a company logo should have a personality that makes it look unique and different compared to others.

10. Target Market Focus

Prepare an overview of who your business customers are. By knowing the background of the target consumer, whether it is from a social, educational, or economic perspective, the company logo can be made with letters, colors, and symbols that are appropriate for the consumers of your product. Creating a logo is not as easy as it looks especially if the logo is used to build a business. Therefore, spend more time discussing with professional logo designers to get visualization results that are by the company’s vision and mission.


Which type of logo would best suit my company?

-Unfortunately, there is no one type of logo that works for everyone, Wheeler says. “Which fits you best depends a lot on your name and what you provide or make.”

For example, if you have a short company name like eBay, a wordmark logotype could work well. Wordmarks and letterform logos generally help consumers remember your name better than abstract logos. If you opt for an abstract symbol, however, be sure it’s straightforward and mirrors the personality of your brand.

What fonts should I consider?

-Fonts, like colors, convey and inspire various emotions. Different fonts work best for different businesses.


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