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Interesting Types of Graphic Design to Know – Logodesign

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Graphic design has a very diverse number. This is a business opportunity that will never die soon. Graphic design makes things communicated through words, pictures, and colors. This is indeed one of the best communication techniques today. Even though many people misunderstand that all graphic design is the same but it turns out that it is very important to know what the types of graphic design are and what are the differences.

One thing that is different from every type of graphic design today is the technique used to create graphic designs. Everyone certainly will not have the same technique so that each design produced has its uniqueness. Unfortunately, people still don’t understand that graphic design has many types. A logo graphic designer was even asked to design the interior of a room.

Things like this are usually a graphic designer myth that might make designers laugh. Graphic designers who master a job may not necessarily be able to complete other types of graphic design. Here’s what to know. Even though it is not wrong for a graphic designer to try another field, considering that there are continuous developments. There’s nothing wrong with adding skills or maybe changing skills to get an established profession.

Types of Graphic Designs That Are Most Interested

Here are some types of graphic design that are often in demand, especially in the business world:

1. Graphic Design Types of Moving Graphics

It is a type of design that is made and moves. This is of course familiar because there are already many platforms that provide moving designs such as animations, videos, and GIFs. Most graphic designers who master this type of design usually have a work experience/education background in the film industry. The more advanced the technology, the more mobile graphic designers are found.

2. Graphic Design For Visual Identity

The visual identity needed in a business is very important. A business can’t have a visual identity that does not attract the attention of the target business. So what is important is visual identity. This identity can usually be a logo or mascot. In the design process, you must determine what kind of logo can represent the identity of the business. Toko Daging Suri Nusantara Jaya uses this kind of graphic design.

3. Graphic Design for Art and Illustration

Apart from being used for public purposes, graphic designs are also made for personal use or only for some groups. This graphic design is usually used in the art world. So, graphic design is needed to create illustrations in one performance. This illustration can be in the form of a setting or perhaps the need for property equipment from artistic activity.

4. Graphic Design for the Environment

Graphic design can be used for the environment. You must be familiar with museums that use graphic design results as a guide. Have you ever found some public places that have well-designed and easy-to-read information? This is done by graphic designers working in the environmental field. The benefits are real.

5. Graphic Design for Packaging

It’s not just products that need to be designed, for now, the packaging also needs to be designed. Many products require packaging design include cold storage and finally, this becomes a business opportunity for graphic designers. This type of graphic design is already known as the type of design with the most extensive market and requires its characteristics from the designer to make it stand out from other designs.

6. Graphic Design for Advertising and Marketing

Marketing and advertising a product requires the benefit of a graphic designer to make it look more attractive. This is why this type of graphic designer job is never-ending. Various ways by following the latest trends are used to generate maximum advertising and marketing of a product. Graphic designs that are made to market them are certainly not arbitrary, must be made well, and can make people want to have products that are marketed.

7. Graphic Design for Publications

Have you ever heard the term digital publishing? Nowadays, there are a lot of things published online. This of course includes magazines, books, catalogs which must be designed before publication. You can use graphic design services for publications. The results of the work will make the publication results do not disappoint.

8. Graphic Design for User Interface

User Interface is what is used for users to interact with applications or tools. Currently, some graphic designers specifically design this. Of course, the skills needed in user interface design are increasingly different. But basically, aesthetic value or beauty is the focus of user interface designers.


What is a graphic design and why is it important?

-In simple terms, graphic designing is the ability and the art of creating visual content for brand communication and messaging. These visuals can be as simple as a business logo, or as complex as pages of web design. Graphic design is important in almost every field that includes- marketing, magazine layout, etc. A good graphic design should effectively communicate the message you are trying to convey to the target audience using tools of visual communication.

What’s graphic designer do?
-Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports.

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