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Logo Color and Psychological Effects of Color – Logodesign

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Color always evokes emotion. Some people prefer certain colors like white, red, blue or black. While some people do not like the colors. Therefore, the role of color becomes very important in conveying messages in the world of visual communication, especially in marketing, branding, and corporate identity.

Our subconscious mind has been trained to respond to certain colors but this is strongly influenced by culture such as black is used for death events in Europe while white is synonymous with death in China. Color can convey messages about the human perception that can ultimately change the way we think about the subject.

Humans depend on the ability to identify color for their survival, from distinguishing poisonous foods to distinguishing traffic signs. The meaning of color is very important in life even in the world of design though. The importance of color in life is so important that it is very important to understand the meaning of color in the world of design and how the psychological effects it causes. The following is an explanation of the meaning of color in general and for a good logo design.

Logo Color and Color Psychological Effects


This color is often used in logo designs to get customers’ attention and is proven to increase passion, hunger, increase blood pressure to adrenaline levels in the blood. The meaning of this red color is adventure, aggressiveness, danger, love, strength, and power.


Pink represents the feminine part of human life. It represents love and tenderness. This color is sometimes considered romantic and childish. Pink is a softer version of red and is often used to add a feminine touch to a logo. The color pink can also symbolize feelings of refinement and purity because of the incessant awareness campaign against the disease, this color has been associated with breast cancer.


Orange is the most widely used color because many aspects are represented by orange, ranging from joy, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, creativity, and enthusiasm. Orange is often found in logo designs that want to create an impression of playfulness and to stimulate sensory joy to appetite. Klinik hipnoterapi Surabaya Metropolis Hypnotherapy uses orange color for their logo.


This is the strongest color after red which is very intense so if used too much can cause fatigue so use this color very carefully and sparingly. The yellow color symbolizes joy, happiness, care, and pleasure. As a bright color and has the highest appeal compared to other colors, this color is often used for traffic signs that symbolize caution.

5. Green

The green color represents freshness, life, and the environment. The color green evokes calming emotions but can also mean a lack of experience. Recently, the green color has been widely used again as a designer with the slogan eco friendly or back to nature. This green color is widely used in the design of brochures, posters, leaflets to banners for companies that want to image the company as environmentally friendly like Greenpeace.

Many business units are currently starting to use green to attract customers’ attention in increasing sales due to increasing consumer awareness about nature conservation, living in harmony with various reforestation movements such as planting a thousand trees and even awareness of the environment in Indonesia has greatly increased along with the involvement of conglomerates in environmental conservation activities. Place for terapi hipnoterapi use this color.

6. Blue

Blue is the most popular color in logo design and 83% of people use this color as one of their favorite colors. The blue sky and ocean symbolize something vast and limitless. Blue represents a sense of authority, calm, loyalty, confidence, and success. This color is even used by almost all companies. For example the Top 500 Fortune in the United States. Not only businessmen who like this color, but superhero characters such as spiderman, superman, or wonder woman also always use costumes with blue accents.

7. Violet

Violet is associated with royalty and luxury because the process of making this purple color is very difficult. Today, the color violet symbolizes luxury, mystery, intelligence, spirituality, and nobility. It is not surprising that the color purple is often used in logos for fashion, beauty, or jewelry products.

8. Brown

This color symbolizes humility, simplicity, seriousness, and trustworthiness. This color is suitable for coffee businesses or shipping companies because this color also symbolizes durability. Brown also leaves the impression of retro or antiquity. This color is perfect for a company logo that has been around for a long time.

9. Black

Black is widely used in logos that symbolize technology, conservative, classic, and sophistication. Black is one of the neutral colors that almost certainly match any other color. Black may be a scary color, but it also conveys the meaning of luxury and elegance if applied correctly. Therefore, any element if placed on a black background will be better. Many luxury goods companies use black logos to increase the consumer’s attractiveness of luxury for their products.

10. White

White can be used to relieve pain. The meaning of the white logo color can also give an aura of openness and freedom. Hospitals and hospital workers use white to create a sterile impression. But too much white can give headaches and eyestrain from reflected light.

White is a pure color, there is no mixture whatsoever. Therefore, it is often considered a color that creates a clean effect. When we want to create a simple design, using white is the right step.


What psychology says about colors?

-Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions. Certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and eyestrain.

How do colors affect the brain?

-In studies, colors have been shown to change alpha brain waves. According to EEG and pulse measuring systems, men and women react differently to colors. When color is transmitted from the eye to the brain, the brain releases a hormone affecting the emotions, mind clarity and energy levels.


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