he logo is one important thing for your company. A logo can reflect the company’s identity so many people will know it. Building a brand is important in business. Although some logos don’t represent the company’s identity, most of the existing logos are usually designed based on philosophy.

The way to build a company brand is to create a high-quality logo. Because the logo is a visual representation that will make the product more attractive and unique. The function of the logo is to strengthen product recognition to the public.

Benefits of Logo in Branding

There are several benefits to building a product brand. Here are some of the benefits of logos in branding:

1. Making Brands More Easily Known

Having a brand will certainly make the products marketed more easily known to the wider community. By creating a brand, it can increase public trust in the products being marketed. That is why most people in the world prefer the type of product or service that already has a brand. Because people will believe that a service or product with a well-known brand certainly has superior quality.

Just like the Red Parker brand which has a special logo for local safety shoes products.

2.Can Differentiate Types of Products

The characteristics of the product are important things that must be considered to distinguish your product from a competitor. This uniqueness can influence consumers so that consumers are more interested in buying the products being marketed. People will also find it easier to remember the services or products of your brand.

3.Affecting Customer Psychology

Branding can provide many benefits, including influencing the psychology of potential consumers. The brand offered to consumers will influence them to buy products or use the services of the brand offered.

4.Differentiating Business from Competitors

A business logo can have meaning and tell how you run your business. It will certainly make you different from competitors so that your business will stand out more if you have to deal with marketing.

5.Making Business Preferable

A business sometimes has a name that is difficult to remember and pronounce so it doesn’t immediately gain the confidence of clients or consumers. However, if your business has an attractive, strong, and convincing logo then this will certainly make your business easier for consumers to remember, including if you sell Jakarta safety shoes.

6.As Brand Identification

A logo can identify a brand and give imagination to consumers’ minds about your business. There are many examples of large company logos that can represent company brands such as Adidas, Supreme, Nike, and so on. Logos owned by brands can provide consumer awareness and unconsciously promote their brand strongly.



What are the rules required to design a logo?

-Simple, relevant, memorable and timeless.

Why brands change its logo?

-A new logo might also be created when a company gets divided and another entity is being created with new management.

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