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What should an electrician put on their business card? – Logodesign

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Electrician services are commonly offered by electrical companies or independent electricians. If you are an electrical firm or an independent entity or planning to start a new electrical business, then you need to get your electrician business card. Business cards allow you to promote your skills and business speciality. Also, the design of your business card reflects who you are as a business person.

You can be a leading professional electrician in the business, but if you don’t have an effective marketing strategy, how will anyone know? Start now with a well-designed business card to endorse your brand and set yourself apart from the competition.

Here’s what an electrician should put on their business card:

1. Basic Light Switch Design

The light switch is one of the simplest and iconic symbols for electricity. But if you want to use this simple design to impress clients, you need to make it look striking even on a plain white background. Try choosing a realistic image with the right lighting and size. Once you get your business card designed by a professional designer, make sure it comes out sharp and clear by having them professionally printed by Logo Design.

2. Circuit Design

 If you think that an electric switch is much basic and you need something more elegant, try including an electric circuit to design your card’s background. Pair it with a typeface that matches your business theme, and include interesting colours and layout to make it more eye-catching. Keep in mind that your text should be readable against a contrasting background.

3. Electric Current Template

You can include a free-flowing electric current image or design in your business card. According to psychology, blue colour evokes calmness or serenity and using it on a professional business card assist in promoting a sense of reliability and professionalism to your brand. So, try to use a blue colour theme along with the electric current template.

4. Vintage theme

If you are looking for a vintage feel in your business card, use a background colour and design, which resemble recycled paper vintage vibe along with an old-school illustration.

5. Frosted Plastic Cards

Frosted plastic cards will instantly give you more design options, like adding a small measuring device on the card. Also, it makes your business card more durable as compared to paper stock versions. The texture of the card is also an added feature that encourages the audience to engage more.

6. Electric spark

Take a classic red background and put a picture of electric spark over it. Red colour catches the eye, and the spark will make it look even more attractive. This design possesses the ability to evoke a strong emotion from your audience. Take advantage of this by adding a short call to action on the back of your card.

7. The serious modern design look

Use the colour theme that matches with your business logo and set in a plain black background for a remarkable visual presentation. Give your design a modern look and make sure that the text is readable.

8. Back to basics

If you don’t want to experiment much with your business card, stick with the regular square business card, simple electricity icon and bullet points. Even a basic design can stand out from your competition with Logo Design’s expert designing services.

Reasons to use a business card –

  • They are memorable
  • They make your brand tangible
  • They are multipurpose
  • They help you stand out in the market
  • They are convenient

Summing Up

An infrastructure is incomplete without electricians. Make the right impression on potential customers with a professional business card design that will inspire them to give you a call.

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